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Introduction/Word Count

Which chapter did you miss (or do poorly on) and what happened outside of your control that contributed to this? (e.g., Internet failure, too busy with other courses, personal emergency). Also, what could you do in the future to prevent this from happening again? (e.g., ensure you are working someplace with a dependable internet connection; manage your schedule/time better; do work well ahead of deadline to allow for safety net in case of personal emergencies).

Chapter Synthesis Essay/Word Count

A 500 word essay synthesizing the information in the chapter you missed or did poorly on. (For two chapters, you will write two 500 word essays.) Use only the textbook as the source of your information and be sure to reword it into your own words so that you don’t get flagged by Turnitin (the program the college uses to identify academic dishonesty) as having copied the material.

Instructions and Grading Rubric

  • Read the chapter, taking note of the separate elements of information that you find most interesting or relevant. Then re-write this information in your own language to form a coherent whole. (Be sure to rewrite things into your own words and rely only on the chapter text. Your essay will be compared against the chapter itself as well as all other students’ and internet-based writing on the topic.)
  • Check for grammar, spelling, and word count (write a minimum of 500 words, but not more than 600 words). 
  • If you have any issues submitting the essay through this assignment, send it to Dr. Barkley as a message through Canvas Inbox prior to the deadline.
  • Each chapter synthesis will be graded on how well you followed instructions, content, correct spelling/grammar, and its “Originality Rating” (the percentage Turnitin designates as reflecting how much your writing is original writing as opposed to simply copying). Points are as follows:
    • Excellent (130-140)
    • Very Good (120-129)
    • Good (110-119)
    • Acceptable (100-109)
    • Unacceptable (0 to a potential of -50)r
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