Literature review and abstract,method research and analysis

Literature review must meet the following criteria:

Methods Presentation Analysis

  • When presenting professional research, it is important to understand the conventions used in your field to convey information. For this assignment, you will be reading articles on your topic to try and understand different approaches and conventions that other authors use.
  • The purpose of this assignment is to get you to think about and analyze how others have measured and researched their research topic in the past. Find three articles about your research topic that you found interesting. After re-reading them, analyze how they approached their research design and how they chose to present their results. Was their approach effective? What can you learn from their presentations about how you might present your own work?
  • Requirements: 
  • Minimum 1500 words
  • Analyze three articles on your research topic, explaining for each article:What type of research design they used (quantitative, qualitative, etc)
  1. How this design was set up
  2. What the author’s results were
  3. How the author presented the results
  4. Whether you think their presentation was effective and convincing
  5.  Conclude by explaining what about these articles’ presentations of their methodology you plan to incorporate into your methods chapter of the proposal.


  • Document criteria:
  • Minimum 1500 words
  • Must contain explicit subsections appropriate to paradigm
  • Stating your method is not enough. You must go further.
  • If you’re doing interviews, we need to see a guide with citations and critical analysis
  • If you’re analyzing a tool, we need significant details and visualization
  • Must say WHY you’re choosing your method, CITE it, DEFEND it
  • Must contain explicit data analysis plan
  • “I’m going to read” is not an analysis plan
  • If you’re doing qualitative analysis, you must lay out your theoretical framework and explain how you will interpret and arrive at your answers
  • If you are doing quantitative research, we need an explicit discussion of how you assembled your study. Questionnaire? Where did you get the questions/scales from and what are they assessing? How are they evaluated (likert scale? semantic differential?)?
  • Minimum 5 citations
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