Leadership and people managment assignement

You are a professional blogger working for Leadership and Management Magazine. You have been tasked to write several blog entries.

Task 1 of 2 Blog post 1 (ACs 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3)
Your fist blog post should be titled “Leadership” and contain the following:
▪ With reference to 2 or more business leaders (past or present), examine the Knowledge, Skills and Attributes (KSA) of a leader, classifying them between management and leadership.
▪ Provide 3 real-life examples of different type of leadership styles that were used in different situations (successful or not) and reflect on whether a different leadership style would have been more appropriate.
Delivery and Submission
▪ 1x blog post
▪ 750 words 

 Task 2 of 2 Blog post 2 (ACs 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 & 2.4)
Your next blog post should be titled “Motivation” and contain the following:
▪ Describe the reward systems in place in 2 organisations of your choice and compare them with the motivational theories of Maslow, McClelland and Vroom
▪ Explain how these 2 organisations measure engagement and motivation and reflect on whether the reward systems are effective
▪ Suggests ways to motivate staff
Delivery and Submission
▪ 1x blog post
▪ 750 words excluding diagrams 

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