Keep a hostility log | Reading homework help

Explore the following:

Conflict ResolutionAnger and Sobriety.  

Keep a Anger Log for 7 days that includes at least 7 incidents of Hostility. Record the following:

  • Date: 1/1/2004

  • Time:  9am

  • Description:  Another car cuts in; driver is too pushy; mildly frustrated; not worth reacting; no anger. 

  • How you handled your anger from one of the tools in this lesson. The purpose for this assignment is for you to show me (using the information learned in this chapter) that you understand the different methods or techniques discussed on how to handle your anger.  The part where you describe how you handled your anger is very important. Be sure to be thorough in your explanation and mention specific methods you used.

  • Upload to the server.


+3.8 explain situation, +3.8 explain how you handled your anger, use the chapter for help for exercises to use, +.7 for date, day, time and +.3 for doing an excellent job–

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