Journal entry #3 | Nursing homework help


3-4 paragraphs reflecting on the class discussions. 

  • What new concepts did you learn?
  • What challenged you?
  • What tugged at your heart?
  • Lessons learned/practices to personally apply

I was absent on that day and this is what my instructor told me:

Here’s what we covered in class on Friday:

Read our eulogies out loud in class

Participated in a 1 hour holy yoga session Did an exercise on “what really

matters” – priorities in our lives  (I will give you this exercise to

complete during our next class time) I gave everyone a 1 gallon zip lock bag

to fill with a bottle of water, snack bar, etc. to give to a homeless person

this week.

To make up for Friday’s class:

Do a 1 hour yoga class – you can probably find one on Youtube – take the

time to breathe, stretch and pause.

Take a zip lock bag and fill it with a few items to give to a homeless


   — You can use these two exercises to write about for your journal


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