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Directions: After reading Chapter 7 from Developing the Curriculum by Oliva & Gordon, please answer the following question:

  1. Explain how you would go about identifying needs in your school and society, and its relationship to curriculum needs assessment. Make sure you provide concrete examples and sources.

Directions: After reading Chapters 7 and 8 from Wiggins and McTighe:

  1. Use the GRASPS worksheet below to help you develop a more complete authentic task for your Stage 2.  Fill in the blanks for an authentic task that you can develop from the facets activity above. You do not have to fill in every blank, but use the stems to help you elaborate on the assessment. What is the goal of the assessment? What roles will the students play during the performance? Who is the audience for the results? What is the specific situation? What is the end product? Performance? What standards and criteria will be used to judge the success of the authentic performance?

G.R.A.S.P.S. (Grasps) Worksheet


  1. Go back to your lesson 1. Develop Stage 2 for your lesson unit. Make sure you include Stage 1 and Stage 2 together. Your GRASPS assignment (above) should help you develop the performance artifacts for your students. Do not forget to include the rubrics you will use to assess student’s performance tasks and your GRASPS (designed above).
  • Do not forget to include the rubrics you will use to assess students’ performance tasks
  • check comments about questions
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