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After completing the weekly readings, provide a thorough response in your own words to the weekly questions posted below. Please make sure you submit a one-word document with all your answers. A minimum of 550 words and a maximum of 700 words (font size 12, single-spaced) are required for each complete assignment. Please follow APA format in your work. Please remember to include one or two sentences identifying the habits of mind Links to an external have used to promote the reflection of the readings.

From Aronowitz and Giroux Chapter 3:

After reading the chapter, identify 3 artifacts in the form of lyrics, poems, pictures, etc. that embody and/or represent your own definition of postmodernism and its influence (Make sure you provide an explanation of why you chose each artifacts), and (2) Reflect and evaluate the three postmodern problematics discussed in the chapter (do you see any of those problematics in today’ school system?)

From Aronowitz and Giroux Chapter 5:
How is border pedagogy related to postmodernism?, and (2) evaluate how border pedagogy can help teachers to become agents of difference (provide specific examples).

From Tyack and Cuban Chapter 2:
Explain and evaluate the relationship between policy cycles and institutional trends described by the authors.

  • Tyack & Cuban: Tinkering Toward Utopia,
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