Java programming advance capstone case study


Use Microsoft Word or equivalent to prepare a detailed code review and analysis of the code in the attached pdf. The syllabus contains the details and requirements for this (see the CASE STUDY section). Be sure to cover, at minimum, each bullet point shown 


The case study involves a detailed, professional-quality code review. The code will be assigned to each student by the instructor, who will try to choose code written in a language familiar to the student. The student is expected to review the code, noting both positive and negative aspects, of areas such as

· design,

· comments (and other documentation),

· code readability,

· safety,

· security,

· performance,

· test code,

· logging

Not all projects will have all of these aspects, but if (for example) logging is missing, and you feel that the code should include logging, you must make note of that in your review. Likewise, if some objects are added to a collection, make sure those classes are correctly designed, with appropriate methods. (In Java, that would be equals, hashCode, and toString, as well as correctly implementing all appropriate interfaces such as Comparable or Cloneable.) Code should be designed with best practices, for the given implementation language. For example, in most object-oriented languages, you should prefer to create immutable classes when appropriate.

Note each area has several points; for example, code readability includes the use of proper naming conventions (and no names you can’t figure out, e.g. “RsFadCtl”), proper use of white space, appropriately short methods, no commented-out code (that’s what revision control systems such as CVS are for), no sign of copy-and-paste, no “magic numbers” in the code (use named constants instead), and so on. Test code might include unit test suites, implementation testing (e.g., in Java, use of assert statements), etc. Security includes appropriate testing of method arguments (pre-conditions), not trusting user data directly in an SQL statement, appropriate use of exceptions, correctly accessing files and other external resources, and so on.

Try a Google search for Code Review Checklist or similar, for more items to examine in your review.

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