In chapter 1 of the text we looked at calculating a monthly payment

In Chapter 1 of the text we looked at calculating a monthly payment for a loan. A related formula is to calculate the amount accruing when regular payments are made into an interest bearing account – often called the Savings Plan formula.
(A is the accrued amount after t years of making regular payments, PMT, into an account at interest rate, r%, compounded ntimes each year.)
A(t) = PMT·((1 + r/N)N·t – 1)/(r/N)
= PMT*((1 + r/N)^(N*t) – 1)/(r/N)
The second version is essentially in the form used in Excel
Suppose you want to buy a car and have decided that you can save $100 a month. Using information from an internet source, determine the current interest rate on savings accounts and use the information to answer the following:
1. How much money will you have saved in a year’s time?
2. How much will be interest?
3. Why wouldn’t a linear model work here?
extra help: Please see the attached pdf for an example of the layout of this DQ.
Don’t forget to use Excel and the necessary formulas.

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