If professor laurie macdonald takes 15 minutes tograde

E.3 If Professor Laurie Macdonald takes 15 minutes tograde the first exam and follows an 80% learning curve, how longwill it take her:

a) to grade the 25th exam?
b) to grade the first 10 exams?
Beth Zion Hospital has received initial certificationfrom the state of California to become a center for liver transplants.The hospital, however, must complete its first 18 transplantsunder great scrutiny and at no cost to the patients. Thevery first transplant, just completed, required 30 hours. On thebasis of research at the hospital, Beth Zion estimates that it willhave an 80% learning curve. Estimate the time it will take to complete:
a) the 5th liver transplant.
b) all of the first 5 transplants.
c) the 18th transplant.
d) all 18 transplants.

E.6 Refer to Problem E.5. Beth Zion Hospital has justbeen informed that only the first 10 transplants must be performedat the hospital’s expense. The cost per hour of surgery is
estimated to be $5,000. Again, the learning rate is 80% and the
first surgery took 30 hours.
a) How long will the 10th surgery take?
b) How much will the 10th surgery cost?
c) How much will all 10 cost the hospital? 


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