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You are the lead investigator for a major intelligence agency in the Washington, DC area. You are in a security meeting with the network administrators. The meeting concerns a worm that has infected the enterprise network spanning several continents. The network analysts are struggling to find the entry point for this worm. With a network forensics analysis tool (NFAT), the network administrators are performing real-time analysis watching the worm travel across the network.

  • You request that the network administrators find out how this worm is traveling across the network.
    • Describe how the administrators will find where there has been increased threat activity.
    • Describe how the administrators will find where there is increased activity either in the network ports or e-mail servers.
    • Describe how time stamps will play a role in backtracking in time until the point of entry for the worm is located watching the worm travel across the network.

The paper should be 3–5 pages written in Word and should provide descriptions for the 3 bullets above, containing a title page, introduction, main body, conclusion, and reference list in APA format.

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