Human traffic – short 1

Research and write at least 1250 words on the following topic.

“Is Surrogacy a new form of trafficking, violence against women and children, or a human rights violation?”

Your paper will be run through Turnitin for plagiarism check.  Anything more than 10% of copying and pastings will be considered  plagiarism and the assigned score for the assignment will be “0”. Such  conduct will be reported to the University for further action.

Please follow the suggested guidelines.

  • Your paper should be research based.
  • It should have three parts: 
    1. Introduction
    2. Main Ideas
    3. Conclusion
  • Cite all the references.
  • There should be at least five references and three of these references must be from academic journals.
  • Use APA style for references.
  • World limit 1250 is exclusive of cover page and bibliography.
  • Check your grammar.

Grading Rubric

Short Paper Rubric    Range Requirements    


5 points High quality paper,  addressing and exceeding all elements of the concept or prompt being  discussed. Meets word limit requirement. Has no grammar mistakes. Has  all 5 references. All references are cited properly. All materials are  organized well – Introduction, Main ideas, and conclusion.    

Above Average

4 points Quality response, High  quality paper, addressing all elements of the concept or prompt being  discussed. Meets word limit requirement. Has no grammar mistakes. All  references are cited properly. Materials are organized.     


3 points Addresses all elements of  the concept or prompt being discussed. Meets word limit requirement. Has  some  grammar mistakes. Has all five references and are cited  properly.     

Below Average

2 points Low-quality response,  addressing some of the elements of the concept or prompt being  discussed. Does not meet word limit. Has some grammar errors. Overall  quality of response is lacking with room for assumption in key elements.    


1 Point Very weak response, neglecting to address some or many of the elements of the concept or prompt being discussed.

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