hello please answer the following questions review the attachment,


  Hello please answer the following questions review the attachment, It should be in APA style with 3 references min. no older than 5 years, and 800 words minimum. Less than 20 % similarity.  

1. Veronica,   a 5-month-old girl with Down syndrome, and her family are being seen for a   healthy checkup. The parents express concern about Veronica’s growth and her   color. They are worried that her lips turn blue while she is eating.

a. As a culturally competent nurse, what   knowledge would be critical in assessing the child and family health?

b. Describe the importance of nurses understanding the genetics of Down syndrome prior to interacting with the child and family.

c. Imagine the primary concern you would have if you were the parents.

2. Michelle is a 42-year-old African American woman who is 12 weeks pregnant. She works as a waitress and finished her GED when she was 21 years old. She is worried because she heard that her baby may have sickle cell disease even though she and her husband do not.

a. How would you help Michelle understand the genetics of sickle cell?

b. Would it be reasonable to tell   Michelle that the baby can be tested? Why or why not?

c. What other factors should you consider in shaping your discussion with Michelle?

3. A   person of Mediterranean descent may have low blood levels of hemoglobin.

a. Describe why this is true and why nurses need to be aware of these differences in hemoglobin levels.

b. Explain how hemoglobin levels may affect a person’s health.

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