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Nursing health quality improvement Assignment: Based on the information from one journal article.

This assignment is to write two pages of a single-spaced document with a 12-point font size in Times New Roman.  That is about 500 words per page:

Page 1. •  Analyse the 10-step Clean Clinic Approach(CCA) in the article

• Compare the similarities and differences between the 10-step CCA vs  PDSA (Plan-D0-Study-Act).

• Comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the Clean Clinic Approach

Page 2. • You are appointed as a leader to roll out the Clean Clinic Approach to another, similarly sized region of Guatemala, as part of the Ministry of Health plans for national implementation of the approach.

• Describe how you would go about leading the roll-out, giving a high-level plan for the first 3 months. ( Note the keyword high-level plan, no details)

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