Harley davison. | Marketing homework help

This assignment 14 full pages 

The company is Harley Davison.

Subject: we are marketing it to eco-friendly people. It is an existing product (LiveWire motorcycle) and a new market (environmentally conscious people).

2. Situation Analysis (Focus on the current status quo):

a. Company (three pages).

i. Who is our company? What are we known for? What makes us different from competitors? (strategic/competitive advantage)

ii. Corporate goals (mission)

iii. SWOT analysis (include perspectives from all three subjects)

iv. Describe some of your company’s capabilities and processes. 

e. Collaborators (Key relationships: Who are they? Why are they relevant?) (Three Pages)

4-Strategy execution – (Three Pages)

d. Price

i. Goals

ii. Value proposition and customer price sensitivity

iii. Pricing strategy (short term/long term)

iv. Breakeven analysis (e.g., facility location decision) 

5-Implementation and control –(Five pages) 

d. Sensitivity Analysis and discussion: such as but not limited to – volume, revenue, and cost per

unit and discount rate

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