Guaranteedgrades – insider threat/penetration analysis

250+ Words – Insider Threat Analysis / Penetration Analysis


Choose one of the following.  The first is insider threat analysis and the other is the threat presented by hostile intelligence operations.  Be challenging and show what you know.

Topic 1
Insider threats come from individuals who operate inside friendly intelligence and national security organizations who purposefully set out to cause disruption, destruction, and commit crimes to those ends. Please read Insider Threat IPT and Solving Insider Threat in the Course Materials Folder. Using the web or the online library choose a high profile case of insider threat (cyber, intelligence, military) and draft a 350 word summary of the case highlighting successes or failures of analysis in bringing resolution to the case. What analysis methods can you discern? What do think could have been done differently to improve the analysis?


Topic 2
Complete reading Foreign Espionage Threat and Observations on the Double Agent and Social Courtesy. In the penetration of a hostile intelligence service analysis is central to identifying, pursuing, and preparing the recruitment of an agent. In 350 words please research the Oleg Penkovsky, Aldritch Ames, or Jonathan Pollard cases. Provide a summary of the role of analysis in the recruitment and running of these agents from the perspective of their handlers (the US/British, Soviet Union, and Israel, respectively). You’ll need to conduct additional research on the web or in the online library to help you develop a factual understanding of the case you choose.


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