Graph theory – project | Computer Science homework help


For this  project, you will work in a group to submit your project proposal,

and then start your project as outlined below.

Projects could be in one of the following categories:

1. Problem transformation to graph theory. Example: four-cube puzzle is not a graph

problem initially but a creative transformation makes a graph theory problem from 4 cube


2. Graph Generation: a combination of multiple graphs and creating a new graph. For

example, shortest path routing with multiple weights (distance, crime rate, sight view,

hotel rating, etc…)

3. More efficient graph algorithms. Routing, MSTs, Max flows, Community Detections, etc

4. Graph neural networks, (Sample contents from Stanford, Upenn).

Project Topic

Each group can propose a project topic related to the application of graph theory

in any of the following areas:

• Telecommunication

• Social networks (graphs captured from Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

• Cybersecurity

• Biological networks (biochemical, neural, ecological, etc.).

• Transportation (flights, ground, ships, etc.).

• Trade and commerce

• Education (access, improvement).

• Astronomy and astrophysics

• Networks of information (internet, citation, etc.)

• Epidemics (spread of covid-19 as an example)

• Graph neural networks

• Unmanned Aerial Vehicle delivery network

• Other areas of your choice (with confirmation).

Proposal Rubric: 

Length 1000 words  – 5 points

Format IEEE/ACM – 5 points

Flow Clear and logical sequence of steps – 5 points

Creativity/Innovation Repeated projects will not be accepted – 10 points

Implementation Well definition of implementation process – 5 points

Evaluation Well definition of evaluation process – 5 points

Risks Possible problems – 3 points

References – 2 points

Total = 40 points

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