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Geography Assignment

Fundamentalism is something that is found in most religions.  Sometimes instead of calling themselves fundamentalist they will call themselves orthodox.  What does this all boil down to?  Well it is a strict observance of all their religious laws and commandments.  You find fundamentalist Catholics, Jews, Methodist, Christians, Buddhists, and so on.  Islam though gets a bad rap when people start calling them fundamentalist because they often lump those people in with extremists or terrorist.  So the question is posed to you:

What is the difference between a fundamentalist vs. an extremist/terrorist?

Government Assignment

After doing some research, your post should explain the relationship between corporate lobbyists and Congress. The impact of this relationship on public policy is well-documented. Lobbyists who are well-connected and represent corporations who provide campaign contributions and other perks (both legal and illegal, i.e. Duke Cunningham and Jack Abramhoff) to members of Congress, strongly influnence the laws coming from Capitol Hill.

While Congress is supposed to be representing the interests of American citizens, it is ever increasingly representing the interests of the wealthy. In your post, please include a discussion of an area of policy that is of special interest to you, and trace the improper relationship between the interest group and members of Congress, and how it impacts this particular area of policy. You may select any topic that you find interesting. Some ideas are: the environment, stem cell research, immigration, etc. Below are a few links that may be helpful in understanding the type of analysis you should be doing in your post. The first link will help you understand the topic:,8599,1721109,00.html


Name: Dustin Consol 

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When it comes to Congress, their main responsibility is to understand the needs of their representative constituents. The problem is with such a large and diverse population, it is hard for members of Congress to understand the needs of their population effectively. This is where the concept Lobbyists comes from. Lobbyists came about under the guise that individuals and groups should exist in order to better inform members of Congress about the needs of their constituents. The concept of Lobbyists is actually protected under the first amendment’s “right of the people… to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” The problem with lobbyists, is much like most well intentioned ideas, it has been corrupted and bastardized by those seeking to make a quick buck. 

In today’s day and age, many corporations have found great profits can be made by employing professional Lobbyists. These professional Lobbyists advocate for the corporations and sway many members of Congress with gifts and donations to reelection campaigns. This means corporations get legislative priority which benefit them, as an organization rather than the constituent body. This is obviously disruptive to our system of government, as Congress is no longer making decisions based on what is best for the public but rather, what is best for the corporations and Congresses financial well being.

When it comes to lobbying groups, I feel one that affects me personally, being in the medical care industry, as well as society in general, is the pharmaceutical industry Lobbyist group, better known as big pharma. Big pharma has a lengthy history of lobbying for legislative changes for the purpose of increasing profits, which also have a negative effect on public health and safety. This truly is the definition of bad lobbying, as profits should never supersede the health of those using these medications. 

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