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1. Find an example of a marketing blunder that occurred in the last five years. There are many such examples you may find online or has simply happened at your company.  For example, in 1985, the Coca-Cola Company introduced “New Coke”, and took “old Coke” off the market.  This action created a backlash from loyal old Coke drinkers, generating much bad publicity for Coke worldwide.  As a result, Coca-Cola had to reverse course – management abandoned New Coke and re-launched old Coke.

2. Write a paragraph or two to describe the marketing blunder that occurred in the last 5 years and the actions the company took to handle from the blunder. You may include a weblink to the blunder. 

3. Do you think the company handled the blunder appropriately? Would you do it differently? How and why?   

Write your answers in about 400 words.

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