For your final paper, you’ll be examining the case of clive wearing.

or your final paper, you’ll be examining the case of Clive Wearing. His case combines many of the concepts you’ve studied throughout the course, including brain function, stress, acute and chronic pain, sensory perception, and memory. Your paper will be completed in two stages: a rough draft graded as complete/incomplete, and a final paper. For your final paper, you will be researching the case of Clive Wearing. You will submit a rough draft to your mentor in Week 9 that will be graded as complete/incomplete. The mentor will provide feedback that you can incorporate into the final version which will be due in Week 12. Watch the following documentary and read the following article on Clive Wearing: Real Stories. (2016, August 13). The man with the seven second memory (amnesia documentary) [Video file]. Sacks, O. (2007, September 17). The abyss. The New Yorker. Then, write a paper in which you discuss the following: Background: Who was Clive Wearing? What happened to him, and when did it happen? What part of his brain was damaged? Effects on His Memory: What happened to his memory? How does what happened affect his daily life? Why is he unable to form lasting new memories? What evidence is there that Clive lost his long-term episodic memory for events? What memory systems are still intact? Treatment/Management: How has he managed the issues that he deals with? How could he learn new practices or facts? Reflection: If you had the same affliction as Clive, how might you deal with it? What might you do to manage the day-to-day difficulties you would encounter? What are some of the major ways your life would change? Your paper should be 1250 to 1750 words (approximately 5 to 7 pages, excluding the cover page and references). Use double spacing and a 12 point font, and include at least two sources other than the video. All references should be included on a separate page and formatted using APA style. 

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