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Respond to Sherita and comment on her plans to practice self-reflection. Your responses are expected to be substantive in nature and should reference the assigned readings or other professional literature, as applicable, to support your views.

Sherita post


Reflective Process

      Gibbs reflective cycle offers many of the steps I find necessary to diagnose, rationalize and perceive outcomes in my decision making. It is my utilization of these 6 interests that allows me to first question an experience, associate my involvement, outline relative options, make deductions on capacity and approximate expectancies as they relate to improvement/sustainability of outcomes (EPM, 2019).

       My strengths and weaknesses are correlations of one another and can often be classified as my need to utilize both clinical and statistical approaches (Ruscio, 2006).The problem is that I want to believe despite actual proof, in some methods of pseudoscience but on the other hand, I find myself critiquing various works based on merit, research and the application study *. Division of these practices can become hard when approaching both, professional and interpersonal concerns based on how the concern is derived. This in return could prove costly on a reliability front (Ruscio, 2006). Developing a governance to my approach where I can question my own work as well as they work of others while practicing the skills obtained for study and research is my ultimate goal. I feel as though our introduction into psychology has established a structure within us all that stands to improve the methods developed, utilized and appropriated. I want to be a part of a generation where I can be told that this is a misdiagnosis and be offered support in determine the correct methods of treatment. Being overconfidence has driven many of our fields research and study and must be accountable when necessary if it stands to negatively affect those treated or studied (Ruscio, 2006).

Self reflection

        Remembering to evaluate myself is a good place to start given the barriers overconfidence can create in any individual (Ruscio, 2006). In many cases, perfection is not the goal but growth and improvement are acceptable. In many professions, I believe one can be bolstered by position alone and this can be dangerous to the importance to the professional and their patient’s needs. Continued education and a development of periodic evaluation can help me personally understand my own development and how I can better affect the outcomes in my decisions (EPM, 2019). Remaining open to criticism and change also aids in the realization that I, too, am human and require development much like the individuals I assist.

Discussion 1


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

Consider each of the public speaking scenarios below and discuss some of the factors that impact the communication process.


Public speaking to a live (in person) audience. 

Given this channel (face-to-face), what are some of the problems that can occur with sending your message (think of technology you might use to present)? What types of noise around the receiver(s) might impact delivery of the message (discuss external and internal noises that might occur)? What can the speaker do to help the audience better receive the message?

Public speaking via teleconference (phone/video).

Given this channel (teleconference), what are some of the problems that can occur with sending the message? What types of noise around the receiver(s) might impact delivery of the message (consider external and internal noise)? What can the public speaker do to ensure better communication with the audience? What can the receiver(s) do to ensure better receipt of the message?

Discussion 2

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

Consider the 4 methods for delivering oral presentations: Memorization, Manuscript, Impromptu and Extemporaneous.

What are the differences among these 4 presentation styles? When would it be appropriate to use each presentation method?

Next, recall a public speaking event you’ve experienced in the past (whether live, on television, or via the internet); note the subject of the event, the speaker, and the delivery method used. Why do you think the speaker used this method of delivery? Was this delivery method effective? Why or why not?

Discussion 3

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 


When communicating with an audience face-to-face (in person), what are the non-verbal elements used? Discuss some of the ways that non-verbal elements are limited in other public speaking situations, such as a teleconference or webinar? What can we do as public speakers, to help relay messages more effectively when we are limited in our non-verbal communication? Finally, discuss which elements of non-verbal communication you feel you could improve upon (ex: tone, volume, pace, gestures, eye contact) when engaging in public speaking.

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