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M7D2: The Power of the Spoken Word.

During this module, you have read about the way that effective, persuasive presentations make appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos. The best way to understand how these aspects contribute to effective, persuasive communication, however, is to review examples of how these appeals have been invoked in speeches that, to this day, are still considered to be amongst the greatest of all time. 

Complete the module reading and view the videos of speeches made by General Douglas MacArthur [Video File] [03 min 29 sec], Martin Luther King, Jr. [Video File] [16 min 34 sec], and President John F. Kennedy [Video File] [05 min 02 sec] a second time.

  • Jot down the ways that each speaker appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos and share your observations on each speaker/speech.
  • How do your findings compare with your peers’ findings?
  • Apply the criteria from the module reading and videos about presentations and explain why you think these three speeches are still considered some of the greatest speeches of all time–even without the use of PowerPoint!
  • What aspects of public speaking have you identified as useful and will you employ for your own presentation?

In your initial post (250+ words), you are to respond to the question but support your thoughts by including at least two references from academic sources that you have researched on this topic in the Excelsior Library and use appropriate citations in APA style. 


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