Fake news powerpoint and word document


Fake News Argument 

create a multi-slide, in-depth/thorough (AND notes required)  presentation.  Powerpoint, Consider adding links to videos and TedTalks or other explanatory information.   Than include a 1500-3000 word doc of what the powerpoint talks about 

PRESENTATION about Fake News (your exact take on this can vary quite a bit). The word count (this does not include the Works Cited) should be 1500 -3000 words.  (This means your word count in the notes OR SUBMIT A TRANSCRIPT of your comments at the same as you post the presentation).  You may require more.  Be sure to provide adequate relevant support for your views.  This means you must do more than summarize what others say.      

(Some ideas can include:  “Fake” News and Freedom of Speech; The Effect of “Fake” News on ______________ [select a specific group, geographic region]; The Role of the internet on American voting habits; There is Nothing New Under the Sun: “Fake” News is the new Yellow Journalism;  The Importance of Finding the Truth/Using Credible Sources; What can be done to stop the spread of “Fake” news; Should Facebook [Twitter, etc.] take action to eliminate “fake” news?    

.  As always, use MLA format, and support your writing with the work of experts. Critical thinking is also necessary. 

  • Purpose:           Write a well-organized, argument that      includes a clear, arguable, thesis      with the      goal of informing people about the dangers of fake news, how to           fix it, and/or changing the views of an      audience who holds a different      view, or      persuading an uninformed audience.  You may argument models:           Classical, 
  • Audience:           Your peers and professor
  • Research:           Use at least 4  current,      authoritative, and credible      (Peer-reviewed)      journal articles from the TCC database to provide           support for the reasons within your thesis.      Wikipedia and other      online encyclopedic      sources do not meet this requirement. 
  • Formatting:           MLA formatting is required (use in-text and      corresponding citations)       include a      double spaced Works Cited slide. In-text and Works Cited sources           must correspond (match), and sources should      be cited where used (not at      the end of a      slide).  A clear indication of where a source begins and           ends must be visible. 
  • Word           Requirement: 1500 – 3000 words not including      the Works Cited Slide       (meeting the      word count will not ensure you have adequately covered your           topic dependent on the topic you      select). 
  • Use the           information and strategies taught in this      Module and the Preceding Modules      to ensure      success. 
  • Meet           the due date. 

The final draft should be at least 1500 words (meeting this minimum does not mean you will earn full credit. The strength of your argument and lack of fallacies determines much of your grade.

I will be using the class rubric.

Content is worth 40%  of the grade.  I will consider the following questions: 

1. Does the Document contain a clear, arguable claim that is the result of the writer’s own critical thinking?

2. Does a precise, clear thesis statement support a position?

3. Do the reasons and evidence logically support the claim?

4. Are opposing arguments and objections to both claim and underlying assumptions addressed?

5. Does the document provide adequate background information on the conversation the author is joining?

6. Do your sources show recency, relevance, impartiality, and sufficiency?

7. Is the word count met? 

Organization is worth 20% of your grade: 

8. Is the powerpoint clearly and logically organized?

9. Is there a clear thesis (yes. It is part of organization too). 

10. Do paragraphs begin with topic sentences? If not, is there a good reason?

11. Does the introduction draw readers in and provide enough information? 

12. Does the conclusion answer most questions the target audience could ask? 

13. Are transitional words used correctly throughout? 

MLA format is worth 20% of your grade: 

14. Is the word document formatted correctly? 

15.  Do in-text citations match the Works Cited?  (

16. Does the Works Cited list match with the in-text citations?  (

17. Is there a clear indication of where sources are used (attribution or signal phrase plus in-text citation). 

18. Is information that is not considered common knowledge for the target audience (not the writer) cited?  

Grammar is worth 20% of your grade

19. Do not use first or second person. 

20. Do not use contractions. 

21. Use Standard English not conversational English (avoid slang, colloquialisms, and any overly casual language; do not use first or second person) 

22. Use correct diction, sentence structure, punctuation, and capitalization. 

24. Be sure to run a careful grammar check. 

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