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Part I: Extended Executive Summary
Individually, you will complete an “Extended” Executive Summary of 500 words. Extended in that you must offer detailed comments on each element of the Strategic Case Analysis. The intent here is to allow you enough opportunity to prove your grasp of the tools and concepts as you present, both in writing and in a video (see Part II), your findings and recommendations for the case you and your colleagues spent the last seven weeks developing. While it is necessary for you to spend time explaining the points of differentiation between you and your team members, it is very important that you do explain how you came to the conclusions and recommendations you are submitting.
Complete an “Extended” Executive Summary by providing detailed comments on each element of the Strategic Case Analysis you completed with your CLC group.
Where appropriate among the various elements of the Strategic Case Analysis, address the following points.
These elements align with the rubric used to score your effort.

  • Recommend strategic plans to improve the company’s competitive advantage.
  • Explain how leadership skills can be used to encourage innovation to improve the company.
  • Recommend specific decisions company leadership can make in order to capitalize on untapped business opportunities.
  • List the industry specific resources you used to inform the development of your strategic case analysis, as well as the sources that inform your suggestions in bullet-points above.
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