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Exp22 Excel Ch03 ML1 Airports

Excel Chapter 3 Mid-Level 1 – Airport Passenger Counts  


Project Description:

As an analyst for the airline industry, you track the number of passengers at the top six major U.S. airports: Atlanta (ATL), Chicago (ORD), Los Angeles (LAX), Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), Denver (DEN), and New York (JFK). You researched passenger data and created a worksheet that lists the number of total yearly passengers. You will create a clustered column chart to compare the number of passengers at each airport. Then, you will create a line chart that compares trends over time. Next, you will create a bar chart to compare the passenger count for the latest year of data available and emphasize the airport with the largest number of passenger traffic. Finally, you will insert sparklines to visually represent trends in passengers at each airport over the ten-year period.


Start Excel. Download and open   the file named Exp22_Excel_Ch03_ML1_Airports.xlsx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.



You want to create a clustered   column chart to depict the passenger counts at the six airports over several   years.

  Create a clustered column chart for the range A4:L10. Cut the chart and paste   it in cell A15.



You want to customize the column   chart with a chart title, display the years as a data series, enlarge the   chart to be easier to read, and apply a chart style.

  •Type Passengers   Counts at Top U.S. Airports as the chart title.
  •Swap the data on the category axis and in the legend.
  •Set a 3.5″ height and 11.4″ width.
  •Apply the Style 7 chart style.


The value axis takes up a lot of   space for the numbers. You will adjust the value axis to simplify it.

  •Change the display units to Millions for the value axis.
  •Edit the axis title to display Millions of Passengers.



You want to focus on the 2019 data   series by adding data labels.

  Display data labels above the columns (Outside End position) for the 2019   data series only.


Applying a fill color to the   chart area will make the chart visually appealing.

  Apply the Light Gradient – Accent 1 gradient fill to the chart area.



A best practice is to add Alt   Text to a chart for accessibility compliance.

  Add Alt Text: The column chart displays the number of passengers. (including the period).


You want to create a bar chart   to display passenger counts for only one year.

  Create a clustered bar chart for the range A5:A10 and L5:L10 and move the   chart to a chart sheet named Bar Chart.


You want to customize the bar   chart.

  •Change the chart color to Monochromatic Palette 5.
  •Enter Passengers   at Top 6 U.S. Airports in 2019 as the chart title.
  •Apply the Style 5 chart style.
  •Add Alt Text: Atlanta had the most passengers. (including the period).


Modifying the axes will improve   readability of the bar chart.

  •Change the font size to 10 for the category axis and value axis.
  •Change the value axis Maximum Bound to 1.1E8.


You will format a data point so   that it stands out and then add gridlines to enhance readability in the bar   chart.

  •Format the Atlanta data point with Dark Blue fill color.
  •Add Primary Minor Vertical gridlines.



A line chart effectively shows   trends over time for the passenger counts at the different airports.

  Create a line chart using the range A4:L10 in the Passenger worksheet and   move the chart to a chart sheet named Line Chart. Add a chart title Passengers   at U.S. Airports   and bold the title.



You want to customize the line   chart.

  •Set the Minimum Bound to 4.0E7 for the value axis and set the Maximum Bound to 1.1E8.
  •Set the Vertical (Value) Axis Display units to Millions. Delete the Vertical   (Value) Axis Display Units Label from the upper-left corner of the chart. Add   a value axis title In Millions.
  •Change the font size to 10 for the value axis and category axis.
  •Move the legend to the top.
  •Open the Select Data source dialog box and deselect the check boxes for the   even-numbered years. (On a Mac, change the Chart data range by selecting   these ranges: A4:B10,D4:D10,F4:F10,H4:H10,J4:J10,L4:L10 since the dialog box   does not contain check boxes to deselect the years.)
  •Add Alt Text: The line chart displays trends for top six U.S.   airports.   (including the period).


Sparklines provide a simple   visualization to represent data in a worksheet.

  Display the Passenger worksheet and insert Line sparklines in the range   M5:M10 to illustrate the data in the range B5:L10.


You want to customize the   sparklines to point out high and low points.

  •Show the high and low points in each sparkline.
  •Apply Black, Text 1 color to the high point marker in each sparkline.


Set page formats for the   Passenger worksheet.

  Select Legal paper size, select Landscape orientation, set 0.3″ left and right margins, and   scale to fit 1 page.


Save and close Exp22_Excel_Ch03_ML1_Airports.xlsx.   Exit Excel. Submit the file as directed.

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