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Exp19 Word Ch06 Cap IT Professionals

Word Chapter 6 Capstone – IT Professionals


Project Description:

You have recently been elected secretary of the local professional chapter of Information Technologist Professionals (ITPs). You download a meeting agenda template, personalize it with the organization’s information, and then email it to the president and vice president. After they have given their inputs, you combine the two versions of agendas into one document, assemble the monthly minutes, and then format the agenda and minutes into professional-looking documents.


Start Word. Download and open   the file named Exp19_Word_Ch06_Cap_JohnAgenda.docx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename. 


Replace the words Company/Department Name in the first   paragraph with Information Technologist Professionals. To the left of this text,   insert the graphic Logo.png. Position   the image so that it is aligned with the upper left corner of the document   and change the wrapping to tight. Resize the logo so that the height is   1″. Insert the word Chapter in front of the words Meeting   Agenda in the second paragraph. 


Replace the following text in   the document:
  Replace This Text With This Text
Date Every first   Tuesday of the month
Time 7:00 p.m.
Invitees:   Location:
Names of Invitees Student Union   Building, Room 111
  IV. a) Description of open issue 1 Membership Update
  IV. b) Description of open issue 2 Community Services
IV. c) Description of open issue 3 Fundraising   Projects
  V. a) Description of open issue 1 Upcoming Social Events


Create a building block   consisting of the logo, the first two paragraphs, meeting date, and time.   Name it Meeting_Info   and save it as AutoText and put it in the Building Blocks template. Remove   the bullets and the two unused Description of open issue 2 and 3 placeholders   under V. New Business. Save the   document.

  Note, Mac users, select the logo, the first two paragraphs, meeting date, and   time, and then from the Insert menu, click AutoText, and then click New.


Use the Combine feature to view EileenAgenda.docx (as the original   document) and Exp19_Word_Ch06_Cap_JohnAgenda.docx (as the revised   document). Save the combined file as a Word document named StudentLastname_Exp19_Word_Ch06_Cap_CombinedAgenda.

  Select the logo, the first two paragraphs, meeting date, and time and reject   the changes.

  Reject the following deletions: Chairperson’s   Report, Rosemary Nursing Home (along   with Christmas Angel Tree), and Christmas Party (along with Calendar).
  Accept the following additions: Thanksgiving   Turkeys and Canned Goods Collection.   Change the date from Tuesday to Wednesday, and the time from 7:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Change the top and bottom   margins to 0.8″ so that the agenda is on one page.

  Note, Mac users, ignore the deletions. 


Insert a blank page after the   agenda and remove the numbered list format. Use the Create from File Object   feature to add the minutes of the meeting, stored in the Minutes.docx file, to the end of the agenda. Type Susan Wood as Note taker/Secretary   for the First Wednesday of September   Minutes. Scroll to the end of the Minutes page, insert a blank paragraph,   and insert the Meeting_Info building block.

  Note, Mac users, select the logo, the first two paragraphs, meeting date, and   time, and then from the Insert menu, click AutoText, and then click AutoText.   Insert the Meeting_Info AutoText entry. Select and cut the AutoText in the   text box. Paste the text on the last line of the Minutes page.


Scroll to the end of the Minutes page, insert a page break, and   use the Create from File Object feature to add other minutes, stored in the YearlyMinutes.docx file to the end of   the September minutes. Type Susan Wood as Note taker/Secretary for the August Minutes. 


Change the document theme to   Retrospect.

  Note, Mac users, use Retrospect.thmx   file downloaded with the project files. Click Themes arrow, click Browse for   Themes, navigate to the Retrospect.thmx   file, and select it. 


Modify the theme colors by   changing the Text/Background – Light 1 color to Black, Background 1 (first   row, first column) and the Accent 1 color to Orange, Accent 2, Lighter 60%   (third row, sixth column). Save the font colors as Agenda Colors.

  Note, Mac users, skip this step.


Create new theme fonts by   replacing the heading font with Arial Black and the body font with Arial   Narrow. Save the fonts as Agenda Fonts. If needed, delete the blank page below the agenda   page.

  Note, Mac users, skip this step as written, but change the two headings (Information Technologist Professionals   and Chapter Meeting Agenda) to   Arial Black and the text font to Arial Narrow. 


Double-click the Minutes object, and insert a bookmark   named September at the left edge of the date First Wednesday of September, which   displays in the second paragraph of the table holding the minutes.   Double-click the YearlyMinutes   object, and insert a bookmark named August at the left edge of the date First Wednesday of August, which displays on the next page.   Continue to insert bookmarks for July and June in the YearlyMinutes object. 


Save and close Exp19_Word_Ch06_Cap_CombinedAgenda.docx.   Exit Word. Submit the file as directed.

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