Exp19_access_appcapstone_comp – drivers 1.0 | Computer Science homework help

Exp19_Access_AppCapstone_Comp – Drivers 1.0

Exp19 Access AppCapstone Comp Drivers 1.0 

Access Application Capstone – Comp Drivers


Project Description:

In this project, you will add fields to a table and set data validation rules. You will also import a text file into a database, design advanced queries, and create a navigation form. Additionally, you will use SQL to modify a record source and create an embedded macro to automate opening a report. Finally, you will create a pie chart in a report.


Start   Access. Open the file named Exp19_Access_AppCapstone_Comp_Drivers.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename. Save the file to the location where you are storing your files.


You   have discovered that the insurance company data that you want is stored in an   external text file, so you will import the file as a table in the database,   and not need to design the table from scratch.

  Create a table in the database by importing the downloaded delimited text   file named Insurance_Text.txt. Use   the first row of the file as field names, use InsuranceID as the primary key, and then name the table InsuranceCos_Text. Accept all other default options. Do   not save the import steps.


You   will modify a table to add fields that store the websites and photos of   agents, add a lookup field, and set data validation to ensure that valid   values are entered in a field.

  Create a new field in the Agency Info   table after InsPhone named Website with the Hyperlink <br>data type. Save the table. In Datasheet view,   add the website http://William_Smith.com   to the
William Smith record (Record 1).


Create   a new field in the Agency Info table after Website named AgentPhoto   with the Attachment data type.   Save the table. In Datasheet view for Record 1 (William Smith), add the downloaded picture file named WmSmith.jpg to the AgentPhoto field.


Set   the validation rule of the InsuranceCo   field to accept the values AS,   NAT, or SF   only. Set the validation text to read Please enter AS,   NAT, or SF. (include the period).


Make   InsuranceCo a lookup field in the   Agency Info table. Set the lookup to get values from the InsuranceID field in the InsuranceCos_Text table. Accept all   other defaults and save the table. In Datasheet view, select the first InsuranceCo value, type AT and press ENTER. Click OK in the   message box, press ESC, and then close the table.


You   will create queries to locate records that have missing values, update values   in a table, and delete specific records from the database.

  Create a new query using Design view. From the Insurance table, add the DriverID, AutoType, TagID, and TagExpiration fields (in that order). Save the query as Missing Tag Dates.


Set   the criteria in the TagExpiration   field to find null values. Run the query (two records will display). Save   and close the query.


Create   a new query using Design view. From the Drivers table, add the Class field. Change the query type to   Update and set the criteria to   update drivers whose class is Minor   to Junior. Run the query (eight records will   update). Run the query again and note that there are no records to update.   Save the query as Driver Class_Update   and close the query. View the updates in the Drivers table and close the   table.


Create   a new query using Design view. From the Drivers table, add the Class field. Save the query as Driver Class_Delete.


Change   the query type to Delete and set   the criteria to delete drivers whose class is Special.   Run the query (one record will be deleted). Save and close the query. View   the changes in the Drivers table and close the table.


Create   a new query using Design view. From the Insurance table, add the InsuranceAgentID, AutoType, AutoYear, and TagID fields   (in that order). Save the query as Agent_Parameter.


Set   the criteria in the InsuranceAgentID   field to display the prompt as Enter the Agent   ID:   and run the query. In the parameter prompt, enter AS8842   and click OK to view the results   (two records). Save and close the query.


The   Performance Analyzer makes suggestions as to how a selected table can be made   more efficient or to work better with other tables in the database.

  Use the Analyze Performance tool to analyze the Drivers table. Note the idea   to change the data type of the Weight field from Short Text to Long Integer.   In the Drivers table, set the data type of the Weight field to Number   (Long Integer), then save and close the table.


A   navigation form enables users to select key objects in the database in a   user-friendly manner. The form will launch automatically to present the   frequently used forms and report to the end users.

  Create a Navigation form based on   the Vertical Tabs, Left template. Drag and drop the Drivers form onto the first tab of   the form. Drop the Insurance form   onto the second tab.


Drag   and drop the Drivers report onto   the third tab of the Navigation form. View the form in Form view, click each   of the tabs, and then save the form as Navigator.   Close the form.


Set   the option in the database so that the Navigator   form launches automatically when the database opens. Close the database   and reopen it to ensure that the Navigator form opens. Close the form.


You   will modify the record source of a report to display specific records. The   report will not rely on an underlying query to select records; the criteria are   handled by the SQL statement. You will add a command button to a form that   will open a form with associated records.

  Open the Drivers report in Design view. Modify the record source of the   report using a SQL statement to select all Drivers   records with a Class   of Adult. Print Preview the report (eight   records will display).


Modify   the SQL record source to display Junior   drivers. Print Preview the report (eight records will display). Save and   close the report.


You   will add a command button to a form that will open a form with associated   records.

  Open the Drivers form in Design view, click to add a command button at the intersection of the 6-inch mark on the   horizontal ruler and the 3-inch mark on the vertical ruler.


Set   the command button to open the Insurance form. Use the default picture as the   button. Set the name and the caption of the button to Open Insurance Form. Set the width of the button to 1.5″. Save the form. View the form in Form   view and click the command button.


You   will create a chart in a report that compares the number of licenses that   were issued by year. The chart will graphically depict the mix of drivers   according to the years of driving experience.

  Open the Auto Year report in   Design view. Click the Report Footer   section bar. Open the Property Sheet and set the height of the Report   Footer section to 3″. Close   the Property Sheet. Click in the blank   space below the Count function.


Insert   a pie chart by clicking at the 0.5″ mark on the vertical ruler and the   2.5″ mark on the horizontal ruler. In the Chart Settings pane, set the   Auto Year_Parameter query as the   data source. In the Axis (Category), select the AutoType check box, then in the parameter prompt, type 2012. Close the Chart Settings pane.


Click   in the Chart Title box in the   Property Sheet, and type Auto Type.   Close the Property sheet, then save and close the report. Reopen the report   and type 2010   at the prompts. Note that the data in the report and chart displays according   to the year input. Close the report.


Close   all database objects. Close the database and then exit Access. Submit the   database as directed.

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