English iv final test prep help


Multiple Choice: Type your answer choice in the blank.




_____1.           Which allegorical element do both “In Memory of W. B. Yeats” and “Muse des Beaux Arts” share?


 A. a character with no symbolic meaning     


 B. a character that looks to the past  


 C. a character that stands for something beyond himself     


 D. a character that symbolizes the conscience of the world 






_____2.           What does Clarke mean when he writes, “Space can be mapped and crossed and occupied without definable limit; but it can never be conquered”?


 A. We will never have all of space under our control.          


 B. There are too many warring factions to overcome in order to conquer.  


 C. Our technology is so limited we won’t make it very far. 


 D. It is in our best interest to stay on planet Earth.  






_____3.           Why does a wartime setting make a ghost story believable?


 A. Amid violent fighting, innocent people often get hurt.   


 B. So many people die that having ghosts as characters seems reasonable. 


 C. Once the expectation of normality is gone, anything can happen.          


 D. Deserted houses are appropriate settings for ghosts.       






_____4.           “Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey” is a poem that celebrates the power of ____.


 A. analysis     


 B. deduction 


 C. memory    


 D. prophecy  






_____5.           A person who views things cynically likely


 A. distrusts people.   


 B. enjoys company.   


 C. is wise.      


 D. is hopeful 






_____6.           Which of the following sentences is correctly written in the active voice?


 A. The report will be written and edited tomorrow by me.  


 B. The report will be written by me and edited by me tomorrow.   


 C. I will write the report and it will be edited by me tomorrow.     


 D. I will write and edit the report tomorrow.           






_____7.           Which statement best translates the passage?




How dare ye set your fit upon her, / Sae fine a lady? / Gae somewhere else, and seek your dinner / On some poor body. / Swith! In some beggar’s haffet squattle;


 A. This lady must have found you in a beggar’s house.       


 B. You should live on a beggar, not a wealthy lady.


 C. You attack wealthy and poor people both.          


 D. You should not depend on others for your dinner.         






_____8.           Which is an example of a memorable phrase Clarke uses to convince readers of his viewpoint?


 A. “The ants have covered the world but have they conquered it …?”       


 B. “Such a statement may sound ludicrous, now that our rockets are already 100 million miles beyond the moon….”           


 C. “… radio and light waves travel at the same limited speed of 186,000 miles a second.”           


 D. “Imagine a vast ocean, sprinkled with islands—some desert, others perhaps in habited.”         






_____9.           Which best describes the characters’ relationship to the Wilcoxes?


 A. The boys are the best of friends.  


 B. The parents admire and respect the Wilcoxes.     


 C. The parents are in competition with the Wilcoxes.          


 D. The parents are quite fond of the Wilcoxes.        






_____10.         The “lion body and the head of a man” and “a rocking cradle” in “The Second Coming” symbolize:


 A. Yeats’s ideas of communism and capitalism.       


 B. systems of philosophy alternating in power.        


 C. adult knowledge and childhood innocence.        


 D. England and Ireland’s political relationship.        




















Short Answer Questions: Type your answer below each question. Use full sentences, correct grammar, and correct spelling.




11.       In line 18 of Auden’s “In Memory of W. B. Yeats.” The poet Yeats is described as being “scattered among a hundred cities” after his death. Explain what the speaker means by this phrase.
































12.       Explain what point Gordimer is trying to illustrate through the contrast in “The Train from Rhodesia” between the description of the wooden figures and the description of the begging children.




































13.       What can you conclude that the Shadow represents in Part V of “The Hollow Men”? Use one or two details from the poem to support your interpretation.


























14.       After she reads the letter, Mrs. Drover in “The Demon Lover” examines her reflection in the mirror. What do we learn about Mrs. Drover, based on what she sees in the mirror? Support your answer with an example from the story.






















15.       Reread lines 9-16 of In Memoriam, A. H. H. Analyze the poet’s philosophical assumptions and beliefs, and compare them to your own observations and experiences. What is your evaluation of the poet’s assumptions?






















16.       In “On Making an Agreeable Marriage,” when Austen writes that “Mr. J. P.” has an “amiable mind, strict principles, just notions, and good habits,” what kind of persuasive appeal is she making to Fanny?
























17.       Use your own words to explain why Helen’s thoughts do not wander when Miss Temple is teaching her.
























18.       In “Ulysses,” the speaker declares,“I am a part of all that I have met:/Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough/Gleams that untraveled world, whose margin fades/Forever and forever when I move” (lines 18-21). What does this quotation tell readers about what Ulysses is thinking?
























19.       In the excerpt from Hard Times, Dickens refers to an “adversary.” What is the meaning of this word? In the context of the final paragraph of the excerpt, who or what is the adversary being discussed?


























20.       Describe the tone of the final line in “Anthem for Doomed Youth.” What specific words help to establish this tone?






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