Eneral instructions for final written paper upload your final to

eneral Instructions for Final Written Paper
Upload your final to Canvas as a PDF file
Make sure you read the instructions on the Final Exam
Use this file-naming convention: LastName-FirstName-FinalExam-Paper.
Paper Assignment Requirements
This paper will be 500 – 700 words and not more or less for full credit. Every 50 extra words will cause a 1 point loss. The paper will require at least three APA style references that are retrievable (functioning URLs).  References with “no name” and/or 
“no date” will not count. The class textbook reference will also not count, however it can be cited and given in the reference list. The exam paper will earn 50 points. The document format will be 12 point Times new roman typeface, paragraph spacing double 
line, margins 1’ left, right, top and bottom.
The grading rubric will run as follows:
Word limit met 10 points
No grammatical or spelling errors 5 points
Document format and style 5 points
Content is adequate 20 points
Reference requirements met 10 points
Can an International Legal Framework for hackback be established?
If a corporation or government institution is faced with a devastating cyberattack from either a nation state or hacktivist group, there is no legal provision to hackback. The U.S. government leaves that discretion to the Chief Executive, or President. This 
illegality of a hackback is largely premised on a challenge for the “whodunit” problem, or in legal terms “the proof beyond reasonable doubt”. Describe how approaches to international challenges like fighting infectious diseases (for example tuberculosis, 
or smallpox) by the international community in cooperation with the Center for Diseases Control (CDC), or establishing maritime laws to fight against piracy on the high seas, and the limiting of nuclear weapons proliferation, can help address cyberwarfare 
rules of engagement or hackbak, on an international level. Give examples and references in support of your arguments.  Will the world see the day when the equivalent of a “cyber CDC” is established or rules set that govern cyber-warfare and the control of 
cyber-weapons proliferation? Why can’t governments agree on some basic agreeable principals for cyberwarfare?

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