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In August of 2005, thousands of people in New Orleans fell victim to Hurricane Katrina. In the wake of her destruction, many survivors felt victimized a second time by the lack of support and emergency response they received. According to van der Kolk, McFarlane, & Weisaeth (1996), “The critical element that makes an event traumatic is the subjective assessment by victims of how threatened and helpless they feel.” (p. 6). Therefore, regardless of whether the feeling of being victimized twice was valid or justified, how would this perception impact reactions to, and recovery from, these traumatic events?


Your essay should be a minimum of approximately 5-7 double-spaced pages in length, 1″ margins with either Times New Roman. written assignments are expected to be technical research papers which contain accurate and credible communication, proper English (including spelling and grammar), and conform to proper APA format

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