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A researcher is interested in wealth literacy and how low-income families budget each month, identifying and balancing necessities with items that might be considered luxuries.  She begins by conducting a small focus group, asking open-ended questions about budgeting and letting the group take the topic wherever they choose.  From their responses, she develops a more extensive set of interview questions and conducts a series of individual interviews over a six-month period.  After analyzing the data, she develops a detailed survey, which she administers to a large sample of families, asking them to fill it out every other month for a year. Name 5 questions should she include on her survey and why are your questions important?

Discussion board postings should be of quality rather than quantity. Post your initial response to question. Responses must be at least 200 words. You should be answering as professional in the field and not just students in this course. Use the resources in your text as well as your past and present experience in the field of education. This discussion board is not just an assignment, but your introduction to becoming a leader among your peers.

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