Dual-court system and roles of courtroom workgroup assignment

In the Article Critique Assignments, you will systematically and objectively critique criminal
justice-related research articles to understand published research. You will critique the strengths
and weaknesses of peer-reviewed journal articles and carefully analyze arguments and points in
the article. You will develop the technical writing skill of critiquing while furthering critical
thinking application and knowledge of the topics investigated. You will incorporate and apply a
Christian worldview perspective to each topic and Article Critique Assignment.
 4-7 pages excluding the title page, abstract, and reference pages.
 Current APA format.
 Minimum of two (2) peer-reviewed journal articles from Liberty University library.
 Acceptable sources (peer-reviewed articles published within the last 5-10 years only).
 Include a critique of least two (2) strengths and two (2) weaknesses from each article.
 Include a Christian and Biblical Worldview perspective.
This Article Critique Assignment requires that you follow a template. Please review and follow
the template carefully. Include a running header, title page, abstract (between 120-250 words),
proper APA headings/subheadings, and a reference page.  Please note that you are asked not to
change or omit any of the bold headings that are already in the template. You are only asked to
insert your written content into the appropriate sections of the template.  

Article Critique:  Police Ethnocentricity, Subculture, and Historical Evolution Assignment
Locate two (2) peer-reviewed articles no older than 5-10 years about ethics in policing
administration. Provide an in-depth discussion of the findings in each article.
  Based on your critique of the literary pieces, what might an ethical organization look like?
  Specify the characteristics of training, leadership, and employees that might be expected in
an ethical police organization.
  Review the biblical themes in the video titled: “Police Ethnocentricity, Subculture, and
Historical Evolution” found in the module’s Learn section.
  Discuss some of the challenges associated with organizations that are replete with
corruption like racism and discrimination from a Christian and Biblical worldview.
Article Critique: Dual-Court System and Roles of Courtroom Workgroup Assignment
Locate two (2) peer-reviewed articles no older than 5-10 years that discuss 2 historical Supreme
Court cases and review the video titled: “Dual-Court System and Roles of Courtroom
Workgroup” found in the module’s Learn section. This historical case law choice is limited to
search and seizure, stop and frisk, searches for evidence, or police interrogation and
confessions. Chosen articles do not have to be on the same topic although they may be. Find
articles related to case law on the aforementioned topics but do not consider articles merely
discussing the case law itself. Provide an in-depth discussion of the findings of each article. With
respect to the specific case law you have analyzed, defend constitutional democracy and the
issues raised in case law from a Christian and Biblical worldview.
Article Critique: Correctional Goals and Prison Privatization Assignment
Locate two (2) peer-reviewed articles no older than 5-10 years that discuss American prison
privatization. One article must present arguments advocating for American prison privatization
and the second article must present arguments against American prison privatization. Provide a
critique of each author’s position on the privatization of prisons. Review the video titled:
“Correctional Goals and Prison Privatization” found in the the module’s Learn section. From a
Christian and Biblical worldview, critique the current state of private prisons in America and
present a clear argument on how to fix the system.

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