Dq 2 week 1 statistics 200 words

DQ responses must be a minimum of 200 original words. Please proofread carefully as your grammar and spelling errors will affect the grading. Opinions are encouraged when supported by cited sources from peer-reviewed material. Whenever possible, please try to relate the course content to real-world applications from your work experience. I expect your DQ response to reflect critical thought and an integration of the key themes and concepts from the readings.


There are two different kinds of research approaches…qualitative and quantitative.  

Describe what the main differences are in these research approaches.  How would the selection of qualitative or quantitative approaches impact research design?  How would they be different?

Be sure to incorporate facts from the readings to help support your comments.  I have posted some supplemental materials in the coursematerials forum that you may find helpful for this question. Discussion with other students must relate to research design.

Please use examples that you are aware of.  Include a minimum of one peer-reviewed journal reference from the UOPX library and one assigned week 1 e-reading in correct APA format.  If you use any additional non-UOPX references in addition to what is required, they must be collegiate level and professional (i.e., no science buddies, dictionary or wikipedia).

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