Documentation proposal for training new employees- kim

I am Attaching an example of how this documentation should be written. Its a proposal document with strategies of specifications, defining the problem, analysing the problem, creating the solution “which is the document” then the benefits of this document/solution, challenges and outcome and results.


My choice of documenting is Training new employees on how to complete their work, and how the organization/company runs/operates. For example; when a new employee is highed, employers always assume that the candidate should know the job, which is right, but quite often it’ll take then time to blend into the system, even if it’s an experienced professional position. training them or having someone work with them for a period of time to entranch them to the company’s working zone and how the company operates and run their system, this will enhance the fasterness in production and assurity of the work being done


I have attached samples of other written documents, please pay attention to the format, and the sub-headings involved. Do not minimize the writting, but be detailed in the description, 


References are needed. 

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