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It is no secret that robots have become a common staple of the factory floor.  With the ability to attach nearly unlimited custom grippers, and  collaborative robots that don’t require safety guarding, robots are  finding their way into more and more applications every year. Being able  to program a robot to make smooth, quick, and safe movements requires  an understanding of how a robot can be commanded to move  from point A to point B. I deal with robots every day; we integrate our  machines with Fanuc robots to create casepackers and CEL-5s for your  everyday use medicines such as Tylenol. How we do such a thing? Products  come down a conveyor and we use servos to make a collation so our Fanuc  robots can pick them up and put them in boxes. Below is a video of one a  couple of our machines.

Vertical Robotic RSC Case Packers – YouTube 

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In mathematics, the Taylor series or Taylor expansion of  a function is an infinite sum of terms that are expressed in terms of  the function’s derivatives at a single point. For most common functions,  the function and the sum of its Taylor series are equal near this  point.

taylor series.png

Taylor and Maclaurin Series – YouTube 

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 Dietrich, S. December 29, 2022. Robot Motion Command Types: Understanding Linear, Joint, and Arc Movement Robot Motion Command Types: Understanding Linear, Joint, and Arc Movement – Technical Articles (control.com) 

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Taylor series – Wikipedia 

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