Discussion reply: resistance temperature detectors (rtds)


First  thing to know about finding the right detector is understanding the  materials for sensing elements and wire materials for Resistance  Temperature Detectors (RTDs) depends on the specific application  requirements. Generally, the sensing element for RTDs is made of pure  metals such as platinum, nickel, or copper, as they exhibit predictable  and repeatable resistance changes with temperature.

For  wire materials in RTDs, platinum is mostly used due to its excellent  stability, accuracy, and wide temperature range. Platinum RTDs are  probably the most popular and offer high accuracy and linearity over a  broad temperature range.

Thermocouples,  interestingly, utilize the Seebeck effect, where two dissimilar metals  are joined together to create a temperature-dependent voltage. Different  thermocouple types use different combinations of metals, and each type  has a specific temperature range where it provides accurate  measurements. Some common thermocouple types include Type K  (chromel-alumel), Type J (iron-constantan), and Type T  (copper-constantan).

Type  K thermocouples are widely used and have a temperature range of  approximately -200 to +1350 degrees Celsius. They are suitable for  industrial applications due to their wide operating range and good  accuracy.

As  a specific example of an RTD, the platinum RTD (Pt100) is used a lot in  various industries. It has a resistance of 100 ohms at 0 degrees  Celsius and exhibits a predictable increase in resistance as the  temperature rises. Pt100 RTDs offer high accuracy and stability, making  them suitable for precise temperature measurements in industries such as  pharmaceuticals, food processing, and HVAC systems.


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