Discussion reply!!! about 50 words oscillators


Oscillators that use an LC feedback circuit use an inductor and  capacitor feedback to oscillate the output.  These oscillators use a  tuned tank circuit on the collector side of the amplifier.  The inductor  of the tank circuit is electromagnetically coupled with another  inductor (like a transformer) which is across the base and emitter.  A  change in current flow on the tank circuit induces an electromagnetic  field in the base-emitter inductor which makes the two current flows to  be 180 degrees out of phase with each other.  This causes an sinusoidal  Oscillation on the output.  This type of oscillator mainly used for  Radio Frequency (RF) applications that require a high frequency sine  wave.

image.png   (Storr, 2022)

The FAA encourages its flyers to turn off devices during take-off and  landing due to the possible interference with navigation, radar, ground  communication, and collision avoidance systems.  Although most phones  are not capable of emitting strong enough RF waves to interfere, devices  like Ipods, Laptops, and handheld gaming consoles can emit strong  enough RF waves to interfere with these systems, especially in confined  spaces.  In this case, if these RF waves were to make its way to these  sensitive devices, it is more than capable of causing false reads and  possible act as a jammer in a sense which definitely would not be good  for anyone on the plane if this were to happen at these critical  moments.


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