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I need 20 case scenario to discuss in class, at least 3 sentences each one, need to have CC (Chief complaint), impression and treatment. I will provide an example. Plagiarism free. don’t need to be APA stile. Word is ok. No references needed. No more than one page. Not critical patient, just primary care patient. Need to include the following illness: common cold, eczemas, fractures, anemia, Meniere, bronchitis, pneumonias, psoriasis, bursitis, BPH, hypertension, diabetes, menopause, gastritis, constipation, acne vulgaris, otitis, erectly dysfunction, arthritis flare ups, bell palsy, ….. you chose.

Case scenario # 1

CC: ” I’m having diarrhea after a trip to Punta Cana”  

EA, 56 y/o male returned from a short trip to Punta Cana presenting with severe diarrhea and abdominal cramps. He only ate very well cooked food and drank bottled soft drinks during his trip, But it was very hot, that he always add  ice to his drinks. Impression Gastroenteritis. Labs ordered: Stool culture. Treatment Ciprofloxacin 500 mg daily for 7 days.  

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