Discussion addictive behavior | Psychology homework help


Discussion 1:

Look for three credible web sites that are dedicated to addiction prevention and another three web sites for addiction treatments. Read about the addiction prevention and treatment methods that each describes. Share these web sites with each other in the Forum. Describe any prevention and treatment methods you have learned from these web sites that are not covered in this learning topic. Provide your critical evaluation of the different prevention and treatment types you’ve read about.

Discussion 2:

A high school in your community is updating their drug prevention curriculum. The principal of the school, Catalina, is a good friend of yours. Knowing that you’re taking this class, Catalina would like some input from you to help their school with the curriculum revision. She wants to know the three most important components their curriculum should cover. What advice would you give?

Discussion 3:

How do gender and ethnicity affect the effectiveness of 12 Step Programs?

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