Discuss portraits | Architecture and Design homework help

Go to Art through time: A Global view, watch the video on portraits and answer the questions: refer to specific images from current culture and the video to support your answer

1. What purpose do these images serve?

2. How do they differ from the portraits in this video?

 Both the terracotta portrait head and Picasso’s portrait of Gertrude Stein demand that we reconsider what a likeness might be, and in the process, question our assumptions about what portraiture is.

1. Neither the terracotta head nor Gertrude Stein offers a likeness in the expected sense. Do you think “likeness” is a useful term for talking about these images? Why or why not?

 Examine the portrait images of Gertrude Stein, Kennedy Family on beach and Louis Kenton.

1. What do these portraits, featured in the program reveal about the relationship between the subject and the artist? response should be a reflection of the portrait says about the relationship between artist and subject. 

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