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8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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If you were asked to write a professional code of ethics for your own life,

discuss what would be the first principle that would guide it, and why? What

are other principles you would apply to the code of ethics?


Our discussions are a valuable opportunity to have thoughtful conversations

regarding a specific topic. You are required to provide a comprehensive

initial post with 3–4 well-developed paragraphs that include a topic

sentence and at least 3–5 supporting sentences with additional details,

explanations, and examples. In addition, you are required to respond

substantively to the initial posts of at least two other classmates. All posts

should be reflective and well written, meaning free of errors in grammar,

sentence structure, and other mechanics.


This discussion is worth 30 points toward your final grade and will be

graded using the Discussion Rubric. Please use it as a guide toward

successful completion of this discussion. For information on how to view the

rubric, refer to this Canvas Community Guide

(https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10577-4212540120) .

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8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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Ashley Biddle (She/Her)

Jul 20, 2023

If I were asked to write a professional code of ethics for my life, the first

principle that would guide it would be integrity. Integrity means to uphold

the highest standard of honesty, transparency, and moral courage in all

actions and decisions. Integrity is the foundation of a strong ethical

framework. It includes reliability, accountability, trustworthiness, and

righteousness. Coming from the Navy, the first core value is honesty

because trustworthiness is the most important to be a part of a team.

Any relationship should be built on integrity and that is what life is all

about, building relationships with other people. There is a work

relationship, personal relationship, friendship, and more but to keep and

develop these relationships it requires integrity. If a person cannot be

honest with themselves, how can they be honest to others? 

Another principle I would apply to the code of ethics in my life would be

respect. Respect means to treat all individuals with dignity, fairness, and

empathy, regardless of their background, beliefs, or position. I live by the

code of ethic to respect others and treat them how I want to be treated. I

believe everyone has their downfall and no matter what position they are

in life they deserve respect for trying to live this hard thing we call life.

There is a saying, “that could be you one day” and “you never know what

someone is going through”. These sayings go through my mind every

time I interact with someone because my interaction could have a good

effect on someone who is having a bad day or the breaking point for

8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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someone who had a bad day. I would like to be the person who has a

positive effect on peoples’ lives and by respecting them and their

situation could do that.  

Continuous Learning is another principle in my code of ethics. Once a

person stops trying to learn they give up on themselves. The world

changes constantly and things are always being upgraded and more

information is being put out daily. Staying informed about relevant laws,

regulations, and news can keep a person out of trouble and ahead of

changes if they are able to follow the patterns of history. 


Gianna Jackmore (She/Her)

Jul 28, 2023

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Hi Ashley I feel that honesty is directly correlated with respect. Being

able to be honest with yourself is so important because like you

mentioned you cant be honest with others if you’re not honest with

yourself. I really like the continuous learning as a principal.  


Richard Grego (https://canvas.fscj.edu/courses/72848/users/1367)

Jul 31, 2023

8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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Excellent! Sounds like a company mission statement!


Mary Harris (https://canvas.fscj.edu/courses/72848/users/111354)


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Hi Ashley,

Continuous learning is a great principle to have in the personal

growth and development toolbox.  Especially, trying to stay up to date

with the latest trends and advancements in their field. It helps

expand a person’s knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs).



Tatiana Johnson (https://canvas.fscj.edu/courses/72848/users/71694)

Jul 26, 2023

8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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Edited by Tatiana Johnson (https://canvas.fscj.edu/courses/72848/users/71694) on Jul 26 at 4:34pm

My first principle would be to maintain honesty, communication, and

understanding in any situation. This principle starts a strong foundation

in any environment. A workplace should be allowed to be diverse yet,

transparent. From my personal experience, people have responded well

to great communication (persistence and respect). Verbal

communication creates beneficial relationships, it also helps

comprehend the actions of others and it allows you to mutually come to a

disagreement while maintaining associations. Honesty is key, I don’t

think I could be adherent to anybody that is untrustworthy. I don’t believe

trust is earned; I do believe trust is broken by multiple perfidious acts.

When I meet someone my trust is automatically there no matter their

history. Understanding builds awareness and influences you to expand

your consciousness. It allows us to see others’ values and prevent


Integrity, Growth, Responsibility, and Communication would be my code

of ethics. I believe there is always room to progress and learn more no

matter how old you are. Everybody is a teacher and the influence of being

intellectually responsive forms moral judgment. Doing what is right is

reflected by what someone knows is right. My four principles have

shaped my professional morals of what I believe is right. Responsibility is

the ability to improve at any desire and allow yourself to interpret

different forms of information. Integrity allows me to treat everyone I

would like to be treated; verbally, physically, and socially. 

My code of ethics is a cycle where one needs the other to form the

professional foundation I use today. My principles of ethics focus on my

morality and systematic involvement. This code has given me better

insight into others’ admiration and guided me through my decisions. I’ve

learned how to be optimistic, self-motivating, and intellectual in my


8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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Gianna Jackmore (She/Her)

Jul 28, 2023

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I love how you allow your ethics to guide you in a positive way. I also

appreciate how you consider others in your day to day through your

personal code of ethics. I hadn’t previously thought of growth as a

principal but I might just have to add that going forward. 


Richard Grego

Jul 31, 2023

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Very prudent and responsible (as well as articulately described)

ethical code


Mary Harris (https://canvas.fscj.edu/courses/72848/users/111354)


8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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Hi Tatiana,

You hit a home run with me by making communication a part of your

professional code of ethics. I’m constantly working to be an effective

communicator, especially with my non-verbal cues. I know from my

experience; I have listened to some people who do not know how to

express themselves or communicate effectively. Effective verbal

communication requires active listening, clear expression, and the

ability to adapt to different situations.  


Gianna Jackmore (She/Her)

Jul 28, 2023

8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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In my life I find that its easiest when you and the people around you are

being transparent in their intentions. So, if I had to pick a principal to

live by in my own code of ethics I would probably choose transparency.

When people are being transparent they’re being honest and upfront

about their intensions. When forming working relationships and personal

relationships I find that they tend to last longer when you follow this

principal. Transparency avoids little white lies or microaggressions

because you’re voicing your feelings, intensions and opinions about a

situation. Other codes of ethics I would include are: integrity, clarity, self

advocacy and clear boundaries. Situations become difficult in the

workplace when you don’t have these principals employed in your

everyday life. Being able to set boundaries with your coworkers and

management and vice versa is key to avoiding inappropriate or harmful

scenarios. Also, being able to advocate for yourself and allow others to

advocate for themselves prevents a hostile environment. Lastly, having

solid integrity keeps you and others from abusing their power. 


Richard Grego (https://canvas.fscj.edu/courses/72848/users/1367)

Jul 31, 2023

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Practical and morally consistent


Ansley Read (https://canvas.fscj.edu/courses/72848/users/89590)

8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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Aug 4, 2023

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 Good evening ma’am,

great post and you know what they say about transparency… it’s appa-

RENT, as to how you feel…anyways…I agree and people prefer open

communication and no underlying agendas or ill-will feelings also. I

think it is great to instill these traits in professionalism like

transparency and integrity in everything that you do. Thank you for



Renee Burgess (https://canvas.fscj.edu/courses/72848/users/130153)

Jul 30, 2023

8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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A professional code of ethics for my life that I would use would definitely

have to be the principle of integrity. 

I think that I have a great deal of integrity. I have many times found

myself in situations that would test my integrity and every single time I

come out on top. People never realize how much integrity they have until

they are faced with certain decisions in life. In the current field that I am

in it’s important for me and those who reach out to me for help to know

that when they come to me it’s a personal and private moment. As a

professional you have to carry yourself a certain way and be

approachable and a part of that is integrity. You never know who is

watching you and one act that you portray that could be perceived as

negative could cause a huge disconnect with your target audience and


The second principle that I would implement or apply would be justice. I

want to make sure that I am being fair and equal to everyone who

reaches out to me. Depending on one’s profession you’re going to

encounter many different people from many different walks of life. My

current life involves me encountering every single demographic you could

think of. This means I must have an open mind and be welcoming to all.

The worst thing you can do is make someone feel as if  you would judge

them based on their choices. 


Richard Grego (https://canvas.fscj.edu/courses/72848/users/1367)

Jul 31, 2023

8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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That’s as good as description of moral integrity as I’ve heard!


Ansley Read (https://canvas.fscj.edu/courses/72848/users/89590)

Aug 4, 2023

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 Good evening Ms. Renee,

I couldn’t agree with you more in regards to integrity, as a boss, a

leader, and someone who may receive calls or information shared in

a private moment, those are the times when you need to show up for

your employees or “clientele” like you were saying.. for you do not

know who is watching and one negative response could impact your

whole career. Thank you for sharing!


Ansley Read (https://canvas.fscj.edu/courses/72848/users/89590)

Aug 4, 2023


Good evening Professor and fellow classmates,

today we are presented with a question by our professor if we were to

write a professional code of ethics for our own life, what would be the

first principle that would guide us and why? 

8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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first principle that would guide us and why? 

First and foremost, if I were to create my own professional code of ethics

to live by, it would be similar to what my core values are, such as

authenticity, respect, and compassion. I can see where someone may

argue the point that there’s a fine line between your professionalism at

work and how you are at home; to be fair however, in my opinion, and

from what I’ve seen working plenty in hair and in the medical arena of

things like having Integrity and Honesty, being yourself is the best

policy,  when it comes to what you stand for and who you are as an

individual. We may keep some things under wraps like our religious

beliefs and some of our political opinions if you will, but if we are going

based on who we are as an individual, I absolutely think that’s important

when you’re hiring a teammate and knowing who would be a great fit in a

job position as well. As individuals and human beings, we crave

connection; whether it be at home or in the workplace, people love

Genuity, and no matter where I work or what I am doing, I always vow to

be myself and be me, no one else can be and the people I meet in my

future endeavors will hopefully love me for being just that, myself; and

therefore I will hopefully attract what I would consider a desirable

clientele of mine as well.

To also add one more detail, professionalism is what your perception of a

professional is to you. You do not have to be a cookie-cutter standard to

know your stuff and make an impact in someone’s life, just do it with the

intent of making someone’s life better… this goes into my next core value

and code, “respect”. Respect to me is very important in creating

flourishing work and personal relationships, and for work and people in

your life to feel appreciated. We respect those who bring value to our

lives and show up and mean what they say, and I always do my best to

stay true to this rule.

Last but not least, being compassionate. Compassion means to me that

you may or may not understand another person’s pain, and perhaps

8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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you may or may not understand another person’s pain, and perhaps

you’re not in their shoes, but you care and would like to understand the

why and you want to be there and help others. The world is crazy enough

as it is and if you’re able to show compassion for those around you and

just be a listening ear, I think that’s enough to make someone’s day

better and it helps you to be a better leader as well.

Again, I go on little tangents here and there and I swear I get sucked

into a black hole during the process, however, these are the values and

morals I would bring to my professionalism today and always. Everyone

comes from different walks of life and maybe we do not always

understand why someone thinks a certain way, but this is also the beauty

of us being in Professor Grego’s class and also being alive, we are able to

see things from another person’s lens and it broadens our world and

imagination. Thank you guys for a wonderful semester and goodluck in

everyone’s endeavors as well!


Richard Grego (https://canvas.fscj.edu/courses/72848/users/1367)


Edited by Richard Grego (https://canvas.fscj.edu/courses/72848/users/1367) on Aug 8 at 10:34am

 Reply

Thanks for this Ansley and for your intelligent original comments and

questions all term! Wouldn’t have been the same without your input!


8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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Mary Harris (https://canvas.fscj.edu/courses/72848/users/111354)


8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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There are several professional code of ethics that govern my own life

personally. My codes are confidentiality, integrity, and honesty. I’m not

saying that I’m perfect, because life have taught me mistakes are for

learning, but these guidelines and principles keep me on the straight

and narrow path, due to the position I hold in a non-profit organization. 

Also, these codes that I live by are to ensure I uphold high standards of

confidentiality, integrity, and honesty. It also provide me a framework for

how I behave while no one is looking, interact with colleagues, and the


Confidentiality is an essential aspect of trust and privacy, especially in

personal and professional relationships. Protecting customers/clients

confidentiality is my professional and ethical obligation that builds trust

and confidence. Overall, I take my own ethical behavior seriously

because I deal with sensitive information. By adhering to my own

professional code of ethics, I am demonstrating my commitment to

serving my customers/clients and the public in a fair and ethical manner. 

Additionally, honesty is a crucial virtue that I strive to possess. I believe

it is the foundation of trust, respect, and integrity, which are the

necessary tools for building healthy relationships. I can’t live a life full of

lies, being unclear and untruthful to people. I always want to show my

transparency whether it is in personal relationships, business dealings, or

academic pursuits. In personal relationships, honesty is vital for creating

and maintaining trust. It means I must be truthful about my feelings,

actions, even when it is difficult and uncomfortable. 

In conclusion, my ethical standard is the backbone of who I am. I will

always aim to be truthful and transparent in everything I do, because I

believe I can make a difference in our society and be a trailblazer for

future generations.

8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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Richard Grego (https://canvas.fscj.edu/courses/72848/users/1367)


 Reply

Brilliantly articulated list of virtues and their importance–and

eloquently expressed as always!


Mary Harris


 Reply

Professor Grego,

I have lived long enough to appreciate the breath of life! I value

authenticity and transparency, so my goal is to treat people how I

want to be treated. Because showing kindness, respect and

empathy can go a long way in building strong relationships and

creating a positive environment. I always try to be genuine in my

interactions with others. Therefore, I  appreciate your



8/11/23, 6:05 PM
Page 17 of 18

Richard Grego


 Reply

Amen to that my friend!

8/11/23, 6:05 PM
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