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Write a 4+ page (double space, 12pt Times New Roman) report on your data findings as well as your impressions of the data: at least two pages should be about the child’s usage and activities, and at least two pages about your media usage and activities. You must apply concepts from the textbook, lectures, videos, and supplemental readings. Please cite all Pulley Fall 2020 references according to APA or MLA style. Please also include recommendation(s) to the parent regarding their child’s electronic media usage and back up with research. (They don’t actually need to read this).

Before writing, ask yourself questions such as • Where does the child live and who do they live with? Where do you live and who do you live with? • How might the living situation impact your and the child’s access to the outdoors or time spent with electronic media? • Where does the child go to school? • What are you and the child spending most of your waking time doing? • How do their age and your age impact usage? • Are you surprised by any of the data? • Are you not surprised by any of the data? • Where do activities overlap? • If you had to give suggestions to the parent/child and yourself on activities to reduce or increase, what would they be? Why?

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