Creativity in entrepreneurship: pushing out of the comfort zone | Creativity in Entrepreneurship | University of Florida


E-book attached for references and guide about this class.

Project (Individual): Pushing Out of the Comfort Zone

During this module, you must engage in 6 new experiences. By “new”, I mean the activity is novel to you. The activities will vary depending on your past experiences as each must be a new experience for you! Give yourself permission to push your own boundaries. Be adventurous and playful. If you do not draw, pick up a pencil and sketch a flower for an hour. If you do not create videos record a video to go viral. If you do not build model airplanes give it a try. Create an NFT and list it on an exchange. Give yourself permission to create for one hour. Do not erase: what you create, is what you create. The only person to see your work will be me and anyone with whom you share it.

You will need to submit your progress on these experiences on a weekly basis. Failure to submit your new experience each week will reduce your overall grade for the assignment.

This project should be both fun and a little bit “scary” as we push outside our comfort zone and enter our learning zone. The most memorable experiences are likely accompanied by the possibility of crossing into the panic zone.

A final summary is required. You are to take a “30,000 foot view” of the project experiences and jointly consider them. 

Address the question: “What did I learn about creativity from all the “pushing your comfort zone experiences.”

The final project report should include a description of each new experience and what you learned. The final report should be between two and four pages single-spaced.

Please see below the list of my weekly experiences to use for the writing assignment:


1. For the first week’s experience I created an NFT of my favorite soccer player, the GOAT: Lionel Messi.

2. For this second week’s experience, I decided to give myself the opportunity to create a short music track based on drums instruments only, I have never been an expert in music but I had the curiosity of creating at least a music track or writing a short song.

3. For this third experience, I decided to do something I have never done before, not part of my comfort zone, which is painting or drawing. I heard that Vans, the sneakers manufacturing company, released some models for people to paint on it, so I thought that was a good idea for this week, it is something that is out of my comfort zone but it is also to explore that area of creativity that usually I do not feel comfortable doing. It took me about two days to finish the project and was a great experience.

4. For this experience of week 4, I decided to visit an uncle that began painting with acrylics after he retired. I have always had a curiosity about painting something abstract because I am not an artistic person.

5. My week 5 experience was a kind of adventure experience because I decided to take my wife to do kayaking here in Miami, we had never done that and it was very fun but it is also a very exhausting activity,

6. My week 6 experience was trying something I had always been curious about but never attempted before, I did some bakery with my sister-in-law. She likes to do some things of bakery for her friends and family so I asked her if she could guide me through this kind of art, and these were the results.

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