Continuing with the scenario from week 1

Continuing with the scenario from Week 1, refer to this week’s lecture and reading assignments to develop detailed guidelines for prevention and control of computer abuse and guidelines for computer and network usage within the organization.  Be sure to incorporate the feedback from your instructor in the revision of the report for this week.


You should use this information to revise the topical outline and add content to the areas that are covered by the week’s lecture, including ethical considerations of resource use and prevention of the spread of malware.  In addition to prevention, you need to outline what should happen when a malware infection or attack occurs.  Employees should have a definitive guide for how to address such issues as they arise.


Include the government laws and regulations that you learned about in your reading which would impact the business operations and policies. You can incorporate this into the relevant sections of your document or add a new section to address these regulations. This should include the employee’s rights and the organization’s responsibilities related to the applicable laws and regulations.

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