Consequentialist analysis / rights | Human Resource Management homework help

Phase Two:  Consequentialist Analysis

We have covered how we can use thought experiments and consequentialist analysis in order to make sense of ethical dilemmas. In phase two, you’ll apply those tools to your professional practice problem.

Step One: Make a list that identifies all relevant moral actors in your dilemma.  This could include (for example) supervisors, co-workers, or clients.  Don’t forget to include yourself.

Step Two: Tentatively propose two courses of action. (This should be very brief, one or two sentences each.)

Step Three: Carry out a consequentialist analyses of each moral action.  For everyone on your list in step one, what are the likely benefits and harms of each course of action?  What are possiblebenefits and harms of each course of action?  What are unlikely but remotely possiblebenefits and harms of each course of action?

Step Four: Reflect on a consequentialist analysis: does one course of action obviously win?  Are there any other courses of action which could further maximize benefit while minimizing harm?

Save this work, because you’ll be using it to write your final memo.

Include the work in your journal, along with a summary and reflection on this part of the assignment.

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