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Phase 1 of Final Project

1) For this assignment, the following items will need to be prepared:

a) A short summary of the organization you have selected for the project. Write a paragraph summarizing the organization.

b) An outline of the paper based on the selected organization and the compliance and governance issues you will cover in the final paper.

2) For more guidance on compliance and governance planning, review the following resources:

a) Operational IT governance

b) IT Governance

c) Governance Framework

d) University-Wide IT Governance Framework

3) Your submission should be approximately one to one and a half pages in length.

4) Make sure to provide any references used. One of the references should be to the source of your information (organization’s website). If the organization is one that you currently or previously worked for, please provide a website link to your company. The paper should be in APA format.

Phase 2 of Final Project

1) Select and read two articles from the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the United States Department of Justice website.  You will write a paper that synthesizes the articles. The following prompts will need to be addressed in your paper:

a) Summarize each article by providing an overview and how the article content applies to the issue of cyberlaw or cybercrime.

b) Who does the article apply to? What protection, if any, is afforded by the article’s contents? Who and what is impacted?

c) How would the content be applied in a technology environment?

2) Remember, the paper will evaluate both articles you read. Also, provide one or two references to other articles that support your summary for each of the main articles.

3) The paper needs to be a minimum of 1,000 words (double-spaced) for each article (a total of a minimum of 2,000 words), not including the cover page, abstract, and the reference page(s).

4) You may include graphs or figures, but the word count of the narrative must be maintained. Provide as a minimum the reference for each main article and one or two credible references. Any additional resources used for your response must also be referenced. The paper must be written in APA style.

5) Use the following as a guideline for the organization of the paper:

a) Introduction (a paragraph or two to introduce the paper and the major points that will be covered)

b) Body of the paper (should provide a summary of the articles; include supporting materials, such as tables or graphics, where appropriate)

c) Conclusion (a paragraph or two that summarizes the paper)

Phase 3 of Final Project

1) You will complete the final paper in the form of a compliance and governance plan for an organization. You may use your own organization (although you must change the name for confidentiality purposes) or use a fictitious company. You may use the internet to look for examples of privacy policies and compliance and governance plans; however, the plan you develop must be in your own words. The plan must cover the issues and concerns that need to be addressed by the plan, including the following:

a) Privacy issues of customers

b) Protection of intellectual property your organization possesses (assume the company has some copyrighted or patented material [e.g., software] or some product)

c) Cyberlaws that will apply to your organization

2) The paper should be outlined as follows:

a) Executive summary/introduction: Include the issues and concerns to be addressed by the plan. Provide four to five paragraphs introducing the plan, including the rationales for developing a compliance plan and the goals of doing so.

b) Sections: Include sections that address each of the concerns noted above. See the bulleted points on topics the plan should cover. Provide a paragraph at the beginning of each section. Include any additional sections you believe necessary to develop a comprehensive plan.

c) Conclusion: Provide a four- or five-paragraph conclusion to the plan. A bulleted list of recommendations would help to summarize the plan. Include suggestions for implementing the plan.

3) The paper should be about 15 to 20 pages in length (double-spaced), and transitions between sections should be addressed.

4) Any graphics or tables do not count toward the page count.

5) Make sure to use 7th edition of the APA style guide where required.

Discussion Post

1) Give a short summary of the project paper and the subjects you covered in the document.

2) Your post should be a minimum of 300 words.

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