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Project Overview

In this project, you will summarize the results of a recent customer survey. Then you’ll use what you’ve learned from the customer feedback to recommend ways to improve the store layout to increase sales. The ability to detect trends, anticipate the implications of those patterns, and explain findings in actionable ways are critical skills for professionals in the information age.


In this project, you will master the following competency:

  • Examine human behavior through principles of social science


You work at All-Store, a large general store that sells everything from groceries and office supplies to medicine, toys, and books. Unfortunately, the company’s profits have been down for the last six months. All-Store has competition, specifically from other local businesses and online vendors.

A woman shopping for vegetables. In one hand, she is holding a bunch of leafy greens. With the other, she is reaching into the display.

All-Store’s general manager, Jill Oliviera, has decided to rethink the store’s business strategies. One of her new ideas is to focus the business on just a few departments. This way, All-Store can specialize in those areas rather than continuing to support all of its current offerings.

All-Store is planning to improve its store layout to promote better sales. The new layout will feature a more focused customer experience. The general manager values your opinion, and has asked you to provide your recommendations for how the store should be laid out. She wants you to review scientific articles, popular literature, and the results of a recent All-Store customer survey.


Summary of Survey Results

First, read the results of a recent All-Store survey located in the “Supporting Materials” section. The results are available in two formats: All-Store Survey (With Graphs) document includes visual displays of the data and the All-Store Survey (Text only) document conveys the same information using only text. Both documents are linked in the “Supporting Materials” section.

Then write a brief summary about the behavior, patterns, and trends of All-Store’s customers. Use the following questions to guide your response:

  • Who are All-Store customers? Refer to the “Respondent Demographics” section of the survey.
  • Why do customers say that they come to All-Store?
  • What assumptions can you make about All-Store customers?
    • What information would you need to verify your assumptions?
    • What other information do you want to know to better understand All-Store customers?
      • What different ways could you get information in the future?
      • What additional questions would you like to ask customers?

Store Layout Recommendations
Using what you learned from the survey about how customers shop, recommend ways to improve the store layout. Choose three departments from the list to focus on for your redesign.

All-Store departments: (choose three)

  • Electronics
  • Grocery
  • Home
  • Office
  • Pharmacy
  • Toys
  • Books

Before making recommendations, learn where each department is located in the store. To do so, review the Current All-Store Floor Plan.

Then, review Case Studies and Research on Customer Behavior in the “Supporting Materials” section. Use the case studies to identify some of the ways stores use product placement to encourage shopping. Use the research to think about ways All-Store can make informed decisions about how to change its store layout, customer experience, and product placement. Your store layout recommendations should:

  • Use social science principles to recommend the best store layout. Be sure to use the appropriate terminology.
    • Recommend the types of products All-Store should place in each area. Use the case studies and research to guide you. You can write your placements out in paragraph format or draw recommendations directly on the Blank All-Store Floor Plan.
  • Give specific reasons for the store layout you designed. Cite findings from the customer survey, case studies, and social science research.
  • Explain how social science research can provide insights on potential customers. How does it help explain customer behavior and patterns?

What to Submit

Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:

  1. Summary of Survey Results
    Review and summarize the All-Store customer survey results in 250–500 words or about 1–2 pages. Make sure that you have answered all of the questions in the “Directions” section.
  2. Store Layout and Recommendation
    Review the current All-Store floor plan and the Case Studies and Research on Consumer Behavior. Then write a recommendation (400–500 words or about 1.5–2 pages) that proposes ways to encourage shopping in three departments. Explain the reasoning behind your recommendations and cite the sources you used.
    Maps are optional. If you want to include a map in your proposal, you can use the Blank All-Store Floor Plan in the “Supporting Materials” section to create one.

Supporting Materials

The following resources will help support your work on the project:

All-Store Survey (With Graphs) and All-Store Survey (Text only)
Review All-Store Survey results before creating your summary and store layout recommendations.

Case Studies and Research on Customer Behavior
Review two case studies and the research on customer behavior before creating your store layout recommendations.

Current All-Store Floor Plan and Blank All-Store Floor Plan
Review the current All-Store layout before creating your store layout recommendations. If you want to include a map in your store layout recommendations, use this blank one.

Citation Help
Need help citing your sources? Use the CfA Citation Guide and Citation Maker.

Writing Guide
Use the tutorials and resources in the Writing Guide document if you need help with the writing aspects of this project.

Reading and Writing Support

Do you want to review strategies for reading?
Watch this short video on reading comprehension strategies from SNHU Academic Support.

Do you need additional support on your writing?
Watch this short video on brainstorming from SNHU Academic Support.

Or try this video on paraphrasing and summarizing from SNHU Academic Support.

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