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 Unit 4 DB: Comparing Rate of PayThis discussion will give you a greater perspective on the differences in the cost of living throughout the United States. Please share the following information with your classmates. This information can be listed in bullet points. 

  • The state in which you currently live.
  • Your state’s minimum wage.
  • How does your state’s minimum wage compare to the current federal minimum wage?

Then consider and discuss the following scenario: Mr. Velez is a single parent with an infant and a 4-year-old. Mr. Velez works 40 hours a week and is paid your state’s minimum hourly wage while his children are in a childcare center full-time. Take a look at the average cost of care in your state.

  • Is Mr. Velez considered to be above or below the federal poverty line with his weekly income?
  • Can Mr. Velez afford the cost of childcare for two children on minimum wage pay?  
  • What social welfare policy or program would you recommend to Mr. Velez to help him make ends meet?
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