Cloud architecture – aws | Information Systems homework help

Reflect on the three competencies of this course. Consider how they might directly apply to your life and work environment when answering the questions below.  

Competency 1:

You will design performant and resilient architectures.

Competency 2:

You will design secure applications and architectures.

Competency 3:

You will design cost-optimized and operationally excellent architectures.

Reflect on the following questions in a minimum of 500 words.

Question #1:

Can you think of a time in your current position or a position you hope to have where it would be valuable to analyze competitor comparisons and case studies to identify the best software solution? How could you use the skill of identifying cloud computing risks and mitigation strategies for your current organization or your personal life? How could you utilize a list of resources related to AWS or another software for IT team members or a broader set of company employees?  

Question #2:

What specific assignments or learning activities from this course did you find particularly beneficial? What do you feel could have improved or added to your learning experience in this course? 

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