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CHEM 121 Data Analysis Report

Learning Objectives

Measure pH levels at different concentrations of acids and bases

Compare the effect of dilutions/concentration on strong and weak acids and bases

Plot the change in pH at different concentrations for the acid and for the base on line graphs (not on bar graphs)

Plot strong and weak acid data on the same graph

Plot strong and weak base data on the same graph

Using the graphed results, Interpret the effect of dilution on pH for acids and bases


Plan to set aside 8-12 hours to complete this activity. It involves orientation to the chemistry simulation, running the simulation, collecting screenshots of every result, plotting the data that you collect, and answering a set of questions about the data.

*Go to the Acid-Base Solution Simulation at PhET Simulations. 

See the image below for an overview of the functions in the Acid Base Solutions simulation.

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